Boomzap Video Policy

Everyone is welcome to play and record ANY of the games owned by Boomzap Entertainment and NEVER need to ask our permission for ANYTHING (see list of games below – please contact respective publishers for third-party games). In the case of Twitch livestreamers, we can even host you on our channel if you tell us in advance. We are also open to possible collaborations – just contact us through the email below!

All we ask is for you to follow these guidelines:

- Non-Commercial Use – Use of Boomzap content in videos must be for non-commercial use. This means you cannot charge users to view or access your Boomzap-related videos, or sell/license to others for any form of payment.

- Monetizing ads – You may run ads or other revenue generating streams on video sharing sites that don’t interfere with a user’s access to the video.

- Sponsorships – Sponsor’s logos or mentions are allowed as long as they are at a reasonable, minimal length and make it clear (either by mentioning a sponsor or a “sponsored by” with their logo) that they are acting as a sponsor only.

- Use of logos – Do not use the logos of Boomzap and/or any of our games without our express written consent.

- Respect other creators – Please don’t include content that’s not your original creation unless you have permission from the creator.

Please include a link to the game’s website/download page when you post your content. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at

Games developed and published by Boomzap Entertainment:

  • Rescue Quest / Mabeop Peojeul Aillaendeu for Kakao
  • Super Awesome Quest
  • Pillage People
  • Super Awesome RPG
  • Monster Roller
  • Legends of Callasia

The games listed below are licensed by third-party publishers. Boomzap does not have the right to grant permission for the following:

  • Pocket Ages (505 Games)
  • Awakening series (Big Fish Games)
  • Antique Road Trip series (Big Fish Games)
  • Dana Knightstone series (Big Fish Games)
  • Otherworld series (Big Fish Games)
  • Botanica series (Big Fish Games)
  • Emberwing: Lost Legacy (Big Fish Games)