Otherworld: Spring of Shadows

$ 6.99 USD

#3 Best Visuals and finalist for Best-Selling Games, Editor’s Picks, and Greatest Games of All Time on All About Casual Game in 2012! 

Do you ever get the feeling there’s more to this world than what’s on the surface? After buying a charming old house in the countryside, you stumble upon a locket that lets you see a magical world. The locket belongs to Fiona, a little girl who was taken from the house by a menacing shadow. With help from other magical creatures, find and save Fiona before it’s too late! Solve inventive puzzles and discover secrets in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows, a fun Hidden Object Adventure game.

“The game was pure fun, beauty and excitement from start to finish.” -

“…an outstanding game that you shouldn’t missed!” [sic] -

Otherworld: Spring of Shadows weaves a fantastic story and absorbs you into surreal environments, exactly as you’d expect from Boomzap.” -

Release Date: February 19, 2012


  • A new game from the creators of the Awakening and Dana Knightstone series
  • True 16×9 widescreen format
  • Gorgeous hand-painted scenes
  • Inventive new puzzles and mini-games
  • 60 fairy collectibles hidden inside the game
  • 3 difficulty modes including hardcore for expert players
  • Challenging achievements to earn
Check out the Strategy Guide and Blog Walkthrough here!
Thank you to Mrs. Beckerling for writing a novel inspired by the series!


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