Note: Boomzap is not actively hiring as of the moment.

All Boomzap staff are full-time exclusive contractors who work from home around the world. We do not have an office, nor do we plan on ever having one.

Boomzap has committed itself to using game development as a tool to bring quality employment to the developing world. Our current staff can be found in the India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam. We are extremely interested in other candidates from these regions, as well as other locations in Asia and Eastern Europe. We are willing to consider applicants from other regions as well, but is highly unlikely we will be accepting applicants from Western Europe or North America.

How to Apply

Send a complete resume to the email below:

resumes ((AT)) boomzap ((DOT)) com

We prefer simple, plain text resumes with minimal formatting that includes:

  • A full work/educational history
  • Nationality, current location, and current contact information
  • Any projects you have worked on, and your role in that team
  • A brief cover letter letting us know anything you need to add to your resume


Who is Boomzap?

Boomzap is one of the leading developers of casual game entertainment worldwide. Our games have been distributed across the world in a dozen languages, through all major casual game portals and a number of retail outlets in North America and Europe. We have worked with major publishers and distributors such as Big Fish Games, Gravity, Chillingo, 505 Games, iWin, Majesco, Encore, Nintendo, and Gamehouse.

  • Staff in Singapore, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, and elsewhere
  • Virtual online development environment – everyone works from home
  • Stable and profitable since 2005
  • Proven track record of successful and critically-acclaimed games
  • Founders have over 30 years combined game development experience in world class studios in North America, Asia, and Europe with millions of units sold





We are always looking for new people to join our team. For the right candidates, we can always find a place. All Boomzap staff are full-time exclusive contractors who work from home around the world. We do not have an office, nor do we plan on ever having one.

Experienced C++ Coders

We are looking for only the best coders with a high level of C++ proficiency.

  • Experience is REQUIRED for this position – no exceptions
  • Excellent C++ skills and a love for coding gameplay
  • Experience with iOS and/or Android a major plus
  • Experience with network backend systems a plus

Quality Assurance/ Game Testers

We are looking for full-time game testers who are interested in a quality assurance career in game development.

  • Entry-level position for Production and Game Design track
  • Must be passionate with games and willing to playtest games for extended periods of time
  • Must be familiar with the top games at the App Store and Google Play
  • Must be willing to assist in translation and localized customer support
  • Technical knowledge and experience with software testing a plus
  • Fresh graduates highly encouraged to apply

Customer Support Staff

We are expanding our Quality Assurance team and looking to add Customer Support staff who are able to communicate fluently in written English as well as other Southeast Asian languages.

  • Entry-level position for Production and Game Design track
  • Must be fluent in written English and any of the following languages: Bahasa-Indonesia, Bahasa-Malay, Filipino, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese
  • Technical knowledge, experience with software testing and genuine interest in games a plus
  • Fresh graduates highly encouraged to apply

Production/Design Trainees

We are looking for bright, dedicated people who are willing to undergo training from the beginning and spend the first 6 months predominantly testing games. Solid Design/Production Trainee candidates will have most of the following:

  • Experience with scripting languages (PHP, Lua, etc.)
  • Professional software testing experience (not necessarily in games)
  • Exposure to visual design software (Photoshop, 3DSMax, Maya, Illustrator, etc.)
  • A working demo of a game you have created (computer, card, or board game) as a hobby or professionally, using tools such as (but not limited to) RPGMaker, Unity, Flash, etc.
  • Levels, mods, or other versions of currently available games you made using ingame level editors, modding packages, etc.
  • Samples of creative/technical writing, including stories, poems, plays, scripts, blogs, RPG game worlds, comic books, game modules, etc.
  • Experience with D&D or other RPG group, organized a MMO clan or guild, or otherwise overseen and grown a gaming community
  • Must genuinely enjoy casual games with a thorough knowledge of the top games at the App Store and Google Play

No professional game design experience is necessary, but if you didn’t answer yes to a lot of those questions above, we’re probably not interested.


Kickass Photoshop Artists

We’re hiring highly advanced artists at both Junior and Senior levels. Ability to master new styles and work within a larger art team are critical.

  • MUST be a complete Photoshop master – no exceptions
  • Will jump right into game art (graphics, UI, and characters) with minimal or no training
  • 3D Max/Maya modeling and texturing skills a plus
  • Other technical skills a plus
  • Must play and enjoy casual games

Applicants for this position must include a link to an online portfolio of artwork:

  • Should include particularly 2D illustrations.
  • Should be online: Email attachments will be deleted without opening.
  • Best portfolios follow these rules: 9 Steps to a Better Portfolio

Animators/ 3D Modelers

Applicants must be smart, creative, hardworking and know technology.

  • Solid basic art skills in lighting, composition, and color
  • Working knowledge of architectural and figure modelling
  • High proficiency in 3DSmax; rigging and bipeds a plus
  • Proficiency with post production software like Adobe Aftereffects
  • Experience in texturing UV unwrap
  • Experience in making isometric style game assets a huge plus

VFX Artists

We’re looking for applicants who can generate special effects in games, including custom particle effect and keyframe editors, hand animation, video editing, compositing and maybe even a little 3D animation.

  • Knowledge in using 3D software (3DS Max preferable)
  • Video programs (Adobe Aftereffects) and other such tools.
  • Willing to learn in-house software to create beautiful effects in-game

Sound and Music

Junior Sound Designer

Applicants must be able to work with a team in generating ideas for sound/music creation.

  • Create comprehensive audio asset list
  • Design, edit and mix sound assets according to brief and on time
  • Work with programmers and designers in sound implementation
  • Explore new ideas and methods to improve audio asset quality and their development efficiency
  • At least 2 years experience in creating sounds for games/film/tv or any other interactive media.
  • Must have been directly involved in sound development/production in at least 2 published work in any form of media
  • Strong background in audio engineering: editing, signal processing, digital audio, MIDI protocol, mixing and mastering
  • Foley/field recording experience is desirable
  • Must have deep understanding of storytelling and thematic consistency through sound design


Marketing Trainee

We are looking for a young, well-spoken individual who will be in charge of promoting our games and providing marketing support via email, web, and social media.

  • Must have an understanding of marketing principles
  • Must be fluent in written and spoken English
  • Must be detail-oriented and able to manage multiple projects
  • Front-end web development knowledge required (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.)
  • With excellent interpersonal skills in order to maintain network of contacts