Brain Curve

BrainCurve is a game that allows you to check your brain skills and compare with your friends in assorted categories:

  • Pattern Recognition,
  • Shape Recognition,
  • Math,
  • Reaction,
  • Verbal, and
  • Memory.

There are 19 minigames that cover all these categories.

  1. Each minigame can only be played via Brain Check, and they will go through a specific order (for the order of minigames, check out the High Score page).
  2. You will get 5 free Brain Checks, which replenish over time. When you are out of Brain Checks, the game consumes your gems instead. Each Brain Check costs 1 gem.
  3. You get 10 free gems when you start the game. More gems can be purchased in the shop.
  4. Your BrainCurve score is computed by an averaging system, so it’s possible that your BrainCurve score goes down after a bad performance on a minigame.
  5. The game does not require special controls, you can play just by tapping on the screen.

Release Date: May 19, 2013


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