Awakening: The Golden Age Collector’s Edition

Best Audio finalist on All About Casual Game in 2014

Before Queen Sophia was born, the Human Kingdom lived in an age of glory: the golden age. However, this age too had its dark times. Beneath a veneer of peace, war has come with minotaur invading human villages. But there is more to this war than meets the eye, and you must uncover it. The minotaurs claim that humans have been starving them, but how could this be true? Escape your village, investigate the truth, and journey to the ends of the kingdom and into its castles, meeting allies with unique abilities that can help you. Uncover the secrets behind the war, or the kingdom of your birth will be destroyed!

“with The Golden Age, Boomzap has taken a step further by incorporating some 3D elements into the graphics especially the characters … the action sequences are more exciting, the cutscenes are more epic and even the charming soundtracks, are even more charming  … a striking prequel to Sophia’s part of the story” -All About Casual Game


  • A dark, new story set in the Awakening world
  • Meet characters that explore the world along with you, helping you with unique abilities
  • Lushly detailed and unique landscapes to discover
  • Discover the secrets that lie in the Human Kingdom
  • Use your unique magical ability to solve puzzles and uncover clues

Release Date: August 20, 2015

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.


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