Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

After Awakening in a mysterious castle it’s up to you to collect clues and valuable items needed to solve perplexing puzzles and escape! Listen to your fairy friend as she guides you towards the exit. Play fun minigames and solve clever locks to make it to the next room in the castle. Use your Hidden Object skills to search for the next hint and discover a young Princess’ destiny in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle.

“The variety of puzzles, the music, the lush fairytale artwork, and the medieval castle setting were engaging … a dreamy title for puzzle lovers.” - Gamezebo
“One of the most attractive hidden object games around … The overall polish is pretty phenomenal for a game of this type, with nice menus, in-game achievements, minimal, but smooth voice acting, and just a lot of pretty, pretty scenery.”  - App Safari


Release Date: December 16, 2010


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