Antique Road Trip: USA

Grace and James Anderson are newlyweds with a growing antiques business. Help them open their own store by traveling across America and searching for hard-to-find antiques! Visit hometowns such as Cheyenne, Memphis, and Austin and solve different types of puzzles and Hidden Object scenes.

“Antique Road Trip is a solid game, if not an especially profound or memorable one.” - Gamezebo

“The visuals are engaging and animated beautifully” - Jay Is Games


  • Explore 15 unique hometown cities
  • Play 3 different Hidden Object modes: Fast Shopper, Picky Customer, and Find 25
  • Solve 4 additional puzzle types: Jigsaw, Collection, Reverse Collection, and Spot the Difference
  • Unlock 1 bonus Hidden Object mode upon completing the game
  • Build your very own antique shop with lots of customization and trophies

Release Date: June 2, 2011


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