Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin’

Welcome to Beechwood Cove, a small town filled with shopkeepers, craftsmen, and antique enthusiasts! Unfortunately, people have lost interest in antique collecting, and the town is left forgotten and in disrepair.

You are an antiques expert placed in charge of Beechwood Cove’s antique shop. With the help of fellow antiques experts James and Grace Anderson, you must rebuild the antique shop to rekindle interest in antique collecting!

Eventually, you will meet the other residents of Beechwood Cove and inspire them to rebuild their own shops. With your help, you will revive the town and attract tourists and customers once more!

Find and collect rare antiques by traveling to various locations in the US and exploring hidden object scenes. Auction and trade with other players to complete your collection! Help the people of Beechwood Cove by playing minigames around town. And don’t forget to customize and decorate your shop and town!

“definitely highly enjoyable and visually appealing – most important of all, it is family-friendly!”

“has the ability to make me feel like I’m a part of the game”


  • Build the antique shop of your dreams!
  • Play 154 minigames and 23 hidden object scenes!
  • Explore Beechwood Cove and its 3 areas!
  • Find rare antiques to complete your collection!
  • Customize and decorate your shop and town!
  • Get trophies when you rank up in a HO scene
  • Find, buy, sell collectibles
  • Get rewards when you complete a collectible set
  • Own cute pets and personalize them with accessories!
  • Message your friends
  • Participate in a global, real-time auction house by bidding and buying out items
  • Get automated notifications when the items you put in your Watch List enters the auction house
  • Get vehicle upgrades that will reduce energy used in cities
  • Bonus rewards for logging in daily

Release Date: June 11, 2014

Big Fish Games Forum: Important Announcement – May 18, 2015


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